Handing down as many SHIZQ as possible for future generations.

Our project is to find better ways to utilize the abandoned woods and to revive mountains and rivers in Kamiyama.As SHIZQ (a drop of water)
falls into a river, we hope our project will contribute to better environment for our children.


SHIZQ Gallery Shop

“We wanted to create a space where people can pick up and look at our SHIZQ products in detail, because each features a unique wooden grain pattern.” – This is the reason we decided to launch our very own self-managed store. The store is a space filled with warmth of wood. SHIZQ is waiting for you, so feel free to stop by.

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On October 2017, we opened a woodcraft center in the town of Kamiyama as a production base as well as a training center for craftsmen. The center has a face as a production base of products that use local resources, but also functions as a place that is open to the public, where experience wood crafting, and other related activities.

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Inquiries for observation visit

Any company, school, or organization, interested in organizing a group observation visit / tour to our SHIZQ gallery / SHIZQ Lab, should contact in advance and make a reservation us. Please check the details here, and contact us using the inquiry form.

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Management Organization & Cooperative Partners

The amount of river water has been reduced to one-third of what it was thirty years ago in Kamiyamacho of Tokushima prefecture. The Kamiyama SHIZQ project attempts to revive the flow of the river enhancing the mountains water capacity by cutting down overcrowded cedar trees and developing a new method to use cedar.


  • Report to everyone!

    The Kamiyama Shizuku Project received a gold medal in the social design category of the world’s largest international design competition “A ‘Design Award & Competition 2019” held in Milan, Italy. Today is the day of the official announcement. https://competition.adesignaward.com/gooddesign.php?ID=80494 I am really happy to be able to report to people who always support me in this way, and I would like to encourage all the staff to do my best to encourage this. About A ‘Design Award & Competition Held annually in Italy, it is one of the world’s largest competitions for awarding outstanding designers, design concepts, products and services. The aim is to raise the profile of the winners […]

  • Media Coverage

    We will be on the NHK WORLD (International Broadcast) program, “DESIGN TALKS plus”. The program will be featuring SHIZQ, in their <Design Hunting> project, which is a search for designs based on the history and climate of the local areas throughout Japan. It will be a wonderful opportunity to check the scenery of Kamiyama-cho and the production process of the SHIZQ products. Hope you won’t miss it. Airdate: Thursday, August 16, 2018 Airtime: Please visit NHK WORLD’s program website in English for broadcasting schedule in each region.

  • We are quietly celebrating our 5th anniversary.

    It has been 5 years on July since the Kamiyama SHIZQ project has started. Thinking what we can actually do for the waters and the forest of Kamiyama, we started this project 5 years ago. Since everything is done by human handwork, we still tend to be short in inventories. We still face some difficult issues but it is true that we are starting to see a totally different view that we have never seen before. We would like to change the scenery of Kamiyama by sharing our findings and thoughts with you all who will be supporting us, as you always have been, for another 5 years. We appreciate […]

  • Rental space for wood crafting available

    At SHIZQ LAB., Fujimoto is training himself on the potter’s wheel these days. He thought it would also be nice to have a chance to get to know with others through wood crafting using an open space. So we decided to open a wood crafting space in the lab. If you are looking for a specious and bright open space for working, it is available to everyone, whether a member of the community or not. Check here for more details.