Project Concept

Our project is to find better ways to utilize the abandoned woods
and to revive mountains and rivers in Kamiyama.As SHIZQ (a drop of water)
falls into a river, we hope our project will contribute to better environment for our children.

Rain falls, but... (Where does the rainwater go?)

In the past, the mountains were covered with natural forests. The sun shined into the forests and the soil was soft enough to contain plenty of water. Rainwater was processed and transmitted into a river steadily.

However, the current artificial forests are exclusively made up of conifers. They have been planted too densely for the sunlight to reach to the ground. Bushes and grasses don’t grow under the trees. The soil gets hard and can’t keep a lot of water in it. Therefore, rainwater runs onto the surface at once.

As the water retaining capacity of the mountains is getting weaker, less and less amount of water runs into the rivers.

To conserve the riverwater

30% of the riverwater in Kamiyama has lost since 30 years ago. In order to increase the amount of the riverwater again, it is important to cut down crowded cedar trees and to let the sun shine onto the mountain ground. We have come up with new ways to utilize the cut-down cedar trees.

●Creating cedar wood products

●Utilizing cedar wood as firewood

We don’t need a massive investment, but we would like to start from what we can do by ourselves.