Report to everyone!

The Kamiyama Shizuku Project received a gold medal in the social design category of the world’s largest international design competition “A ‘Design Award & Competition 2019” held in Milan, Italy. Today is the day of the official announcement.

I am really happy to be able to report to people who always support me in this way, and I would like to encourage all the staff to do my best to encourage this.

About A ‘Design Award & Competition
Held annually in Italy, it is one of the world’s largest competitions for awarding outstanding designers, design concepts, products and services. The aim is to raise the profile of the winners and create opportunities for public relations, and the winners receive international attention. The work will be evaluated by a panel of judges including experts from each field, such as scholars, experts and media personnel, who will receive awards of Platinum (Best Award), Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron.