SHIZQ Tsuru Cup


A sensation for the first time. With this cedar cup, your drink will never be the same again.

The cedar cup is surprisingly light and soft that you will be amazed.Your lips will enjoy the new sensation.
A cedar cup you have never seen before. Try drinking cold water or beer and even warm green tea with this tumbler. It will add a little spice to your daily life.The cedar cup is a size smaller than the tumbler. It fits your hands perfectly giving it more of a personal feel.



●Cedar with its red and white wood surface works perfectly as a gift. The color of this cedar was named as Tsuru (crane) and Kame (turtle) for the lacquer. Over 50 years the Japanese cedar trees have been quietly increasing their annual rings.
The SHIZQ collection will quietly watch your time as it goes by.
SHIZQ dishware will accompany the people using them for times to come.

◎As a wedding gift
◎As a gift for one’s family
◎As a gift for a retiring coworker
◎As a gift to celebrate the opening or renovation of a store
◎As a birthday gift
◎As a silver (25th year) and gold (50th year) wedding anniversary gift

The SHIZQ dishware sold exclusively here are unique and thus when purchasing one as a present one does not have to be afraid of giving the same present as someone else.