SHIZQ Kamehachi guinomi


Breathtaking Beauty. High Grade “Lacquer-Wiping” Finish. “Kamehachi”

“Kamehachi” was designed for the upper class use, and we increased several more steps of the “lacquer-wiping” process than the “Kame” series.
We applied lacquer 8 times, but usually we do for 5 times. We polished it more than 3 times as much as we usually do.
We took more time and work to give it the finishing touches.
The rich and bulky feeling, almost makes you think it’s glass. It’s just a masterpiece.
Since the “8 (hachi)” is said to be a number with good fortune from its wide spreading shape in Japanese, we named the series “Kamehachi”.

With Ice Cold Water, Beer, or Hot Tea Poured in it Brings a Little Change into Your Life. A Totally New Tumbler made from Japanese Cedar Wood.



●”Lacquer-Wiping” a Totally New Touch. The “Kame” made by SHIZQ.
The “Kame” finished up with the “lacquer-wiping” process shows the black wood patterns through the lacquer, and has an amazingly fine touch.
The natural Japanese cedar wood finished up with natural Japanese lacquer.
The fine article of the totally natural made.
A distinctive feature of the “Kame” series is that you can feel the exact lines of the wood patterns clearly shown by the lacquer.
It has the glaze of a stone or a “kintsugi”(the art of repairing broken pottery), but still has the light and warm touch.
Enjoy the new feel that is created from the “Japanese Cedar Wood” and the “Lacquer-Wiping” process.

“Lacquer-Wiping” process is a repetition of applying lacquer・wiping it off with a cloth・polishing.
The lacquer applied on by several coatings becomes a thin hard layer and forms a shiny moisture surface.
The Japanese Cedar Wood is soft and the lacquer penetrates deep inside the cells, so this “Lacquer-Wiping” process is a luxurious method.
This is a more modern and natural way to apply lacquer than the traditional thick coating that hides away the wood patterns.

The “Lacquer-Wiping” of these series is processed respectively with tender care by a professional woman lacquerer in Kagawa prefecture next to Tokushima.

※”Kamehachi” series can be hand washed with a sponge and dish soap, and is suitable to daily use.


SHIZQ launched a project that gave new value to cedar, a material thought to be unsuitable for dishware.

●Cedar with its red and white wood surface works perfectly as a gift. The color of this cedar was named as Tsuru (crane) and Kame (turtle) for the lacquer. When handled with good care, it is said that cedar can be used for up to 50 years. SHIZQ dishware will accompany the people using them for times to come.

◎As a wedding gift
◎As a gift for one’s family
◎As a gift for a retiring coworker
◎As a gift to celebrate the opening or renovation of a store
◎As a birthday gift
◎As a silver (25th year) and gold (50th year) wedding anniversary gift

The SHIZQ dishware sold exclusively here are unique and thus when purchasing one as a present one does not have to be afraid of giving the same present as someone else.