SHIZQ Kame Plate M


That important time for talking. You’ll want to use it to hold your beer snacks to have with Japanese sake or shochu spirits. Presenting the Kame Plate S. The texture of the lacquered surface increases, the more you use it. If you look after it carefully, you’ll be able to pass it on to your grandchildren.



●”Lacquer-Wiping” a Totally New Touch. The “Kame” made by SHIZQ.
The “Kame” finished up with the “lacquer-wiping” process shows the black wood patterns through the lacquer, and has an amazingly fine touch.
The natural Japanese cedar wood finished up with natural Japanese lacquer.
The fine article of the totally natural made.
A distinctive feature of the “Kame” series is that you can feel the exact lines of the wood patterns clearly shown by the lacquer.
It has the glaze of a stone or a “kintsugi”(the art of repairing broken pottery), but still has the light and warm touch.
Enjoy the new feel that is created from the “Japanese Cedar Wood” and the “Lacquer-Wiping” process.

“Lacquer-Wiping” process is a repetition of applying lacquer・wiping it off with a cloth・polishing.
The lacquer applied on by several coatings becomes a thin hard layer and forms a shiny moisture surface.
The Japanese Cedar Wood is soft and the lacquer penetrates deep inside the cells, so this “Lacquer-Wiping” process is a luxurious method.
This is a more modern and natural way to apply lacquer than the traditional thick coating that hides away the wood patterns.

The “Lacquer-Wiping” of these series is processed respectively with tender care by a professional woman lacquerer in Kagawa prefecture next to Tokushima.

※”Kame” series can be hand washed with a sponge and dish soap, and is suitable to daily use.